Upcoming Events

Looking Forward to Future Events
July 31, 2015 to August 05, 2016
Between work, family, and fraternity, our schedules can become crowded quickly. To make sure you have time to enjoy all the Valley of Boston has to offer, take a look at our upcoming events and put them in to your calendar!
May 7, 2016
Spring Class 15°, 18°, 31°, 32°
June 16th. 2016
Family Life Event at the Boston Pops Orchestra

Upcoming Degrees Around New England!
April 25, 2016 to June 01, 2016
With Boston's May 7 class just around the corner you may be wondering where you can find the other degrees you need to fill your passport. The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction is vast, but it is not so large that it makes traveling for degrees impossible. Here are a few of the upcoming degrees around New England so that you can fill your passport and meet your brethren from across the Jurisdiction! For a full list of degrees across all of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, click here!
Degree Location Date
Hartford, CT (DVD) November 9, 2016
  Portland, ME (DVD) May 14, 2016
  Providence, RI April 27, 2016
Portland, ME May 12, 2016
Providence, RI April 27, 2016
14° Waterbury, CT April 30, 2016
15° Boston, MA May 7, 2016
18° Norwich, CT April 30, 2016
  Boston, MA May 7, 2016
20° Portland, ME May 14, 2016
  Springfield, MA May 21, 2016
31° Portland, ME May 14, 2016
  Boston, MA May 7, 2016
32° Hartford, CT November 12, 2016
  Portland, ME May 14, 2016


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