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Treason Against the British Crown
August 26, 2014 to September 26, 2014
“What if” can be the beginning to some very powerful questions. Much of what American history is today is the other side of the “what if” coin. The officers of Boston Lafayette, Lodge of Perfection, plan to answer a question surrounding one of our founding fathers: what if George Washington was captured during his military campaigns and brought before a British judge for treason?
If you want to find out the answer, join Perfection as it changes history with Treason Against the British Crown on Wednesday, September 24, and Thursday, September 25. Performances are being held at the Lodge of Instructions in Grand Lodge and Brockton at 7:30 p.m., respectively.
Contact David Elsner, 32° to let him know you are coming!

Have Fun on Labor Day
August 28, 2014 to September 02, 2014
Labor Day weekend is upon us! The next few days will be filled with time spent on the grill, among our friends and family, and hopefully in bed gaining a few extra hours of sleep. As you travel between celebrations, remember some key tips to making your weekend the best it can be.
Tips for your Labor Day Weekend

1. Be safe behind the wheel! Chances are, everyone and their grandmother will be on the road traveling from party to party. If you plan on driving, check traffic reports and watch out for drivers that have had a few too many.

2. Apply sunscreen, even on cloudy days. One may think that more clouds in the sky means less chance of a sunburn. The reality is that the UV rays from the sun pass right through clouds to burn your skin. Whether you spend the day at the beach or in your backyard, make sure to protect yourself and your family.

3. Be smart on the grill. Over 6,500 accidents happen over the grill each year resulting in millions of dollars in damages. Using simple grilling rules helps keep everyone happy and healthy. Keep grills away from the house and adolescents away from the grill. Make sure your gas lines are secure and you don’t add flammable liquid to an already started charcoal fire. Don’t forget to grill something tasty.

4. Watch what you drink. No one is saying to not enjoy a few libations over the course of the weekend, but pay attention to what you drink and how quickly you drink it. Libations will dehydrate you if you don’t watch out. Eat food before and drink water during the day if you plan on having a few.

5. Have fun! Labor Day is a day to celebrate. Take time to relax and enjoy yourself.

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