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Signing Up for FEMS
April 24, 2015 to December 31, 2015
As our society continues to progress into the technology filled age, Scottish Rite is taking steps to follow the curve in a variety of ways. The fall of 2012 was met with the introduction of the new website and weekly newsletters to better inform our members about everything happening within the Valley and Scottish Rite.
2014 brought the Valley of Boston a new online event registration system to use for our various events. The Fraternal Event Registration System (FEMS) will allow members to register and pay for the events they want to attend in a more streamlined process. As with any new thing in our lives, from riding a bike to driving a car, growing pains do accompany the acclimation process.
To make yourself familiar with FEMS when registering for future events, please take the time to sign up with the system. A tutorial has been made to help with the registration process. Contact Webmaster David Abbott for any questions you may have. He is more than happy to help!

Video Tutorials for Online Registration
July 21, 2015 to August 31, 2015
It has been over a year since the Valley of Boston adopted the Fraternal Events Management System for event registration. We have utilized it for different types of events over the past year. From One Day Classes to Family Life events, we have covered it all.
As with any new technology that comes into our lives, there has been a learning curve. We have published several printed tutorials for signing up on the website and registering events. This has helped to mitigate that learning curve. In order to further help our brothers become more proficient with our system, we have begun to use some advancing technology to make it even easier.
A series of video tutorials are now available on our YouTube channel. These videos give a step-by-step guide for things like signing up for the website and registering for events and make your life easier. Have a situation that isn’t covered in one of the videos? Let us know and we can help you directly! New videos are constantly being prepared to better assist the challenges our members may face.
Our videos can be found on our YouTube page and in a directory on our Valley of Boston website. Take a look!

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