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F1 Racing Tickets are Limited!
September 25, 2014 to November 15, 2014

Sign up soon because space is limited!
A Benefit to all:
  • Masons who become a New Member (4°-32°) of the Valley of Boston Scottish Rite 
  • Scottish Rite Members who are sponsoring a new member this October! 
F1 Racing
Free to Candidates who are joining all 4 bodies at the November 1st, 2014 Fall One Day Class of the Valley of Boston. To each brother who is sponsoring a Valley of Boston Scottish Rite Mason, a reduced cost to you of $45 for the afternoon of racing.  
Who will be the Champion?  
A Candidate?
A Sponsor?
An afternoon of fun at F1 Racing Boston located in Braintree, MA (across from the South Shore Plaza) on Saturday, November 15. The day will begin at 1 p.m. and end at 5 p.m. It is a 3 race format. Get one of the top 20 best times in the preliminaries, and be included in the semi-finals. Get one of the top 8 best times in the semi-finals, and race in the Finals! Race for a trophy and bragging rights as the best F1 Racer in the Valley of Boston Scottish Rite. Hors d’oeuvres will be served.
What else comes with membership and being active within the Valley of Boston?
Activities and Events such as those earlier this year:  
  • Fantastic ritual opportunities
  • Scrumptious dinners
  • Awesome events (such as a Boston Harbor Whale Watching Cruise) throughout the year 
This year alone, the Valley of Boston, through its Family Life Committee, hosted:
  • A night out at a Celtics games with the family high-fiving the players (March 2014)
  • An elegant Wine Tasting & Dinner at the Boston Brewery & Venezia Restaurant overlooking the Boston skyline (July 2014)
  • A day at Six Flags Amusement Park with the family (August 2014)
So join all 4 bodies in the Valley of Boston and receive your first free benefit 2 weeks later at F1 Boston!

Fill Your Passport
October 07, 2014 to November 01, 2014
The Valley of Boston is producing seven degrees at the Fall One Day Class on November 1: the 4°, 11°, 16°, 18°, 23°, 31° and 32°. This leaves twenty-two other degrees for any joining brother to witness in order to fill out their passport. For many Scottish Rite Masons, the degrees being presented this fall are not the only ones left blank in their passport. A great resource for any brother looking to witness all of the lessons within Scottish Rite is located on the Supreme Council website.
Utilizing the Member’s Center section of Supreme Council’s website will yield the Degree Dates page. This webpage shows a listing of all one hundred valleys within the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Each valley has a section to list their upcoming degrees. Contact information of each Secretary is listed for any brother wishing to seek more information. 
Looking to travel and fill your passport? Head over to Supreme Council’s webpage to find your degrees!

Using SPAM for Recruitment
October 15, 2014 to November 01, 2014
We all know that membership is the lifeblood of any organization. Successful and efficient recruitment is a challenge that takes work, determination and enthusiasm. This is why it can be a challenge for some to broach the topic of Scottish Rite to a brother and receive positive results.
A great tool to use for membership development has been a staple in the United States since the 1930s. If we can introduce SPAM to our brothers in blue lodge, we can show them the deliciousness that is Scottish Rite. What is SPAM?
Skill Development
It takes skill to be able to able to speak well and receive a positive response from people as you do so. Taking the time to develop your skills adds value to how you go about social interactions and being able to speak well on Scottish Rite. Developing skills can come from two general areas: action learning and interaction learning. Action learning is physically practicing what you are trying to improve. Interaction learning involves taking a step back and analyzing from a third person perspective; possibly with another person. Remember that practice makes permanent.
Product Knowledge
Being more knowledgeable about Scottish Rite can only help when pitching the idea of joining the Valley of Boston. Being able to recall more information will help your confidence, diffuse objections or concerns, and boost your own enthusiasm for the portions you speak on. Learn more by reading more into the history of Scottish Rite in general and the Valley of Boston in particular. Speak with your officers about the different aspects of the bodies. Don’t forget to attend the degrees and see any that you may have missed thus far!
Audience Understanding
Knowing who you are talking to and what their interests are is just as important as knowing the information. If you don’t know your audience, you cannot connect with them. Tailoring the description of certain pieces within the Valley of Boston will help relaying important information to newer or uninformed brothers. Regardless of the familiarity of a brother, the need to highlight the important aspects that are relative to the person you are conversing with can be a game changer. The easiest way to understand your audience is to ask questions and have them ask their own. Knowing what they care about and have questions on can greatly improve your pitch.
If you are not motivated and exciting when talking about Scottish Rite, your audience won’t be either. Enthusiasm is contagious; any gusto you have about Scottish Rite can be easily transferred during your conversations with another. The drive used at work and at home can be duplicated to help Scottish Rite and everyone that is a part of it. Be driven and have fun! 

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