30 Years of Captains!

The masonic family is well known for being a fantastic way to build friendships and connections that cross generational and geographic boundaries. These types of bonds can be seen throughout the many different bodies of Freemasonry and Scottish Rite. A perfect example of these friendships in action took place at Thomas Talbot Lodge in Billerica, Massachusetts. In early June, Lew Staples, 33° and Captain of the Consistory Guard Emeritus, was presented with his 50 year Past Master’s Certificate! 
Present that evening were three Captains of the Consistory Guard! Brother Lew Staples, 33°, and Bro. William Currier, 32° MSA, both Captain Emeritus, and Brother Geoffrey Kromer, Captain of the Guard. Brothers Currier and Kromer both made a special visit to Thomas Talbot Lodge to support Brother Staples in receiving his Certificate. Together, these three upstanding men have lead the Guard for more than 25 years! Bro. Staples served as Captain for 15 years, Bro. Currier served for 9 years, and Bro. Kromer is currently serving as Captain of the Guard, a position he has held since 2015. 
These three Captains are a fantastic embodiment of the brotherhood that Scottish Rite aims to cultivate. The Valley of Boston  congratulates Brother Staples on his fantastic achievement, and wish him many more fruitful years in Freemasonry. 


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