New Online Education from Supreme Council!

Supreme Council is planning to launch an all new online education course in the near future! You may have heard of the upcoming Hauts Grades Academy (HGA), but we wanted to inform everyone of this exciting new program! The goal of this course is to promote education, knowledge, and engagement with the meaning of degrees for the members of Scottish Rite!
The program is broken up into three distinct sections; first, candidates will have to explore the ritual and meaning of the Scottish Rite Degrees. Second, they will write a short reflective essay that reviews a handful of degrees selected by the candidate. Finally, candidates will meet with the HGA committee to select a topic to write a research paper on. Topics can range from history and ritual to the philosophy of the Degrees.
Upon completion of the paper, the graduate will earn the honor of becoming a Scottish Rite Hauts Grades Academic and will be entitled to include the letters HGA after his name. They will also receive a certificate and HGA jewel which can be worn at Scottish Rite Events. While these accolades will be well deserved, the overall goal of the program is for all participating brethren to have an enriching educational experience.
The Hauts Grades Academy is in nearing completion and is expected to launch in early 2018. The program will be free to all Scottish Rite members in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. If you are interested in this program, you can sign up for the HGA newsletter to receive updates on the program through the link below!

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